Mother’s Day Event Report

Date:May 11, 2024 

Timing: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM 

Venue: Shreshth Public School, Harkesh Nagar, Okhla, Delhi 

Organizer: Disha and Dharam 

Theme: “Meri Beti Meri Shaan, Meri Maa Mera Maan” 

Participants:  More than 90

The Mother’s Day event organized by Disha and Dharam at Shreshth Public School on May 11, 2024, was a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of motherhood. The event commenced with a brief introduction by the organizing committee, highlighting the theme of the event and its significance in honoring mothers.A brief explanation about the Summer School Project, its aims, and objectives was provided to the attendees, emphasizing the importance of community initiatives in nurturing young talents.

Icon players Shreshth Baisla and Yana Singh, both National Football Players, exemplified gratitude by gifting exclusive watches to their respective mothers. Yana Singh’s representation of Delhi at SGFI not only brought pride to her parents but also to the entire city, making the gesture even more special.

Gurjeet Singh, a certified coach of Shreshth Football Club, delivered an inspiring speech, sensitizing students about their duties towards their parents. The organizing committee honored him on behalf of the students, acknowledging his selfless dedication.

Students and parents were encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences. Many expressed their gratitude, challenges, and aspirations. One mother shared her journey of sacrificing her career for her children, expressing immense pride in her decision.

The Director of Shreshth Public School and his wife motivated students to focus on studies and sports for a bright future. Their spirited speech emphasized the importance of respecting mothers and appreciating the guidance of teachers.

The event successfully brought the community together to celebrate the precious bond of motherhood and to express gratitude towards mothers and teachers alike. The positive impact of the event was evident as students and mothers participated actively, stepping out of their comfort zones. The event concluded on a joyous note, with rewards and refreshments distributed among all participants, leaving everyone with cherished memories of Mother’s Day celebration.


Disha Garg


Shreshth, the icon player, is gifting present to his mother.

Yana, the icon player, presenting a gift to her mother

All students collectively present a gift to their coach, expressing appreciation for his selfless dedication and guidance.

The Director of Shreshth Public School Naresh Baisla delivered a motivational speech to the students.

Distribution of refreshments

Organizers – Disha and Dharam